Hollywood’s Male Heartthrobs of 2017

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Hollywood’s Male Heartthrobs of 2017

Hoping they play nice.

| November 29, 2017

5. Dan Stevens

He might have only appeared as a normal human at the end of Beauty and the Beast (2017) but he already stole our hearts from the beginning, CGI body and all. Dan’s voice, although gruffly altered to fit the Beast, is dreamy in every way! Who wouldn’t want this strapping young lad, albeit a bit hairy, to pine for you and sing while you ride away on a stallion?


6. Dacre Montgomery

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Alright, he might have been a huge pain in the bottom with his antagonist role in Stranger Things Two but admit it, you’re in a love /hate relationship with him too! We just can’t stay mad at him, especially because he looks too much like Zac Efron!


7. Tom Holland

The latest Spiderman on the list is this crush-worthy lad of 21-years-old. He might look small and delicate, but he packs a punch especially with the ladies. There’s just something we can’t resist about boys with webs coming out of their wrists.


8. Joe Keery

A.k.a. the best babysitter you could ever have! Joe’s character development from Stranger Things Season One to Season Two is the best glow up any TV character has had this year. And just look at that Farrah Fawcett sprayed hair!


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