Ateneo vs La Salle:

Recap of Game 1

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The Ateneo Blue Eagles drew first blood on Game 1 of the UAAP Basketball Men’s Finals against long-time rivals De La Salle Archers. It was a game marked by fierce competition and some interesting sidelights. In anticipation of tonight’s Game 2, what better way to recap Game 1’s highlights than by featuring some of Twitterverse’s commentators and their concise reportage?

‘Twas the calm before the storm

It wasn’t exactly a storm in a teacup, but the, ehem, brewing tempest that came after the anticipation of Game 1 was a lap scorcher.


That’s where he went

He wasn’t missing after all. Expect him to surface once more after a champion has been declared.


Yaya Dub is not impressed

Perhaps she was already composing her open letter to everyone at this point in the game.


There’s a fly in your shorts

Friendly swat, perhaps?

Let’s get physical

Players these days should perhaps cut down on watching UFC fights.


Actually, first blood was drawn by…

Ben Mbala already issued a statement that the hit was unintentional. Of course, this did not stop diehard fans from accusing him of dirty play.

At least there’s one out there who understands Mbala:


And out come the memes

You’ve never really made it until you’ve become a meme on the internet.


That’s where he went (part 2)

No pictures, though. We’ll just have to wait until the Senate files a Resolution investigating the elbow in aid of legislation.

Who gets it tonight? Tell us your thoughts below!

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