How to Cheat Your Way into Becoming a Morning Person

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How to Cheat Your Way into Becoming a Morning Person

Face life before lunchtime through these cheats!

| May 30, 2016

Soft photo of woman on the bed with old book and cup of coffee in hands, top view pointHow to Cheat Your Way into Becoming a Morning Person


Not everyone is cut out to be productive, let alone moving, by 8am. For a huge chunk of humankind, aka non-morning people, getting out of bed before noon is a daily ordeal. Morning meetings, breakfast dates and early road trips top their list of pet peeves, and morning people come very close.

Familiar? Get the energy and attitude to face life before lunch time through these cheats.


8. Nap wisely.


Think twice before sneaking off to get some shut-eye. A nap that’s too long or too near bedtime will make it much harder to get a good night sleep. And remember—good quality night sleep is crucial in waking up happy and energized.


7. Distance yourself from gadgets near bedtime.


How do you expect to wake up at 7am when you sleep at 2am? Go to bed earlier! We know, we know. This is easier said than done, but you’ve gotta do it and you can definitely do it.

Set a target bedtime, like 11pm, and remove distractions an hour before it. This means no to social media, television and music by 10pm to give your body enough time to mellow down.


6. Develop a sleeping schedule and stick to it.



You know what else will make sleeping and waking up early a whole lot easier? Making it a habit! Apply these scientific hacks to your new and improved sleeping schedule. Before you know it, it’ll be your norm to sleep and wake up early.


5. Make your morning to-do list shorter.


Rushing a shitload of tasks in very limited time, so early in the morning, is a fast ticket to a bad day. Get as much done from your morning to-do list, so you have more time to leisurely get ready for the day. Make sure you prepare your gym bag, office things, and other requirements the night before.