How to Get Cole Sprouse to Notice You (It’s not Impossible!)

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How to Get Cole Sprouse to Notice You (It’s not Impossible!)

Just don’t call him Juggy.

| April 19, 2018

How to Get Cole Sprouse

to Notice You

(It’s not Impossible!)

By Kyzia Maramara

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Dashing, charming, skilled, mysterious, hilarious, and brooding – these are just some of the few words that describe Cole Sprouse. Brought once again to the limelight by his portrayal of Jughead in Riverdale (which is set to have a third season btw), Cole is out after your hearts and make you swoon, if you haven’t yet.

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We’re pretty sure you’ve heard news of the Bench endorser arriving in Manila late this Wednesday for a meet and greet on Friday (April 20). If you’re set on seeing him, make sure you’re prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime event and get him to notice you! To help you out, we’ve prepared a few tips (bear in mind there are no guarantees in life):

1. Have the same sense of humor

It’s no surprise that this dashing 25-year old is, aside from being full of youth, also full of humor. There’s a distinction between jokes and humor – jokes are shallow attempts to make you laugh, while humor gets you to think first before laughing. Cole clearly has humor alright, and if you haven’t at least rolled your eyes and laughed at his tweets, you don’t deserve him!


2. Appreciate his Instagram account dedicated to fan paparazzi

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We love a celebrity who interacts with fans, but Cole takes interacting to a serious level. In fact, he has an Instagram account named @camera_duels dedicated to his (presumably) fans who like to sneak photos of him. He calls them out in the most hilarious well-captioned Instagram posts. The fans clearly enjoy this, as the account has a following of 4 milllion!


3. You must be prepared to model and travel to distant places

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Cole Sprouse is a skilled photographer, as evidenced by his Instagram account and the number of famous people who modeled for him. His favorite photoshoot locations involve vast fields of flowers, meadows, or canyons! If you’re to date him, prepare to haul ass to these far-flung places and be his model.

You’ve only got a few minutes to impress so strike a pose at the meet and greet or wear a long flowing dress if you’re brave enough!


4. You must tell the difference between Cole and Dylan

You do of course know that Cole has a twin brother older than him, right? Cole and Dylan starred in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney and since then have been one of the most adorable twins in Hollywood. They did everything together, naturally. They started acting at the tender age of 8 months; they stopped for a while to study in Uni together where they earned their separate degrees.

To the untrained eye, it’s a bit hard to tell them apart, especially when they put special effort to confuse you (like when they graduated and took each other’s diploma on stage). But if you know Cole, he’s slightly a bit taller than Dylan, has dark hair, is a bit leaner, and has a mole on his chin. Okay, knowing all that is not creepy at all!