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How to Improve Your WiFi Signal At Home

Before you blow your top.

| August 17, 2017

How to Improve

Your WiFi Signal At Home

By 8List

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Ah, the internet. Much like love, we never knew how much we needed it until it came along. Also much like love, it can be a cantankerous creature–every little thing can throw things off the rail and break your heart.

As each new electronic doodad introduced to the market is ostensibly “smart”, the scramble for bandwidth becomes fierce, weighing down the strength of your connection. But while connectivity can get noticeably slower, there are a few quick-fix ways to help the strength of your WiFi signal at home.

Location, location, location

You would think that of all the things that man has invented, they would have come up with a jacked up router. Until then, we’re stuck with what we have. Naturally, the farther away you are from the router, the slower your signal will be. Find a place where your router’s signal can be accessed wherever you decide to park your butt.


Proximity of other devices

Microwave ovens, cordless phones, lamps, refrigerators, or other wireless devices do interfere with your signal. This include your neighbors’ WiFi network, which can retard and degrade your signal. Do change your frequency and/or your router channel. Which means you will have to revisit your user manual. You didn’t throw that away along with the box, right?


The age of your software/hardware

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As you might have noticed on your various gadgets, manufacturers are always tweaking firmware to upgrade the performance from their devices. Same rings true with routers. Regularly check to see if an update is available. Or maybe your router, which you bought in the year 2000, just needs to be replaced. It has been 17 years, you know.


Consider a range extender

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Routers are reliable only up to a certain distance. So, say you have a huge house. Or you live in a compound along with other members of the family. Consider investing on an add-on device that can stretch your WiFi signal. Repeaters, or range expanders , act like another client with its own IP address. These will pick up your signal then extend it.