How to Improve Your WiFi Signal At Home

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How to Improve Your WiFi Signal At Home

Before you blow your top.

| August 17, 2017

Beware of data hogs and leeches

Obviously, your connection will bog down when you have too many people connecting to your WiFi. Moreso when family members are downloading 16 gigs of torrent files, playing online games or video streaming. All these eat up a lot of your bandwidth allocation. We cannot discount the fact that your neighbors may have gained access to your wireless network–especially if you have not changed the password your router came with.


Manage your gadgets at home

As appliances get smarter and smarter, they necessitate the use of the internet as well. Televisions, CCTVs, house alarms, even the remote access to lighting, sound systems, toaster oven–all these can eat up on your bandwidth. Add all these to your phone, tablet, laptop, PCs, and you could very well be slowing down your connection.


Conquer barriers

All those materials in your house that enable it to stand is actually a hindrance to your WiFi signal. Wood, cement and metals are effective barriers to your router’s signal. Mirrors are the worst.


Get an effective WiFi plan

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You must take in to consideration the wireless needs of everyone in your household. Get a plan with higher data allocation if you have more users at home. It would be unrealistic for you to expect fast connection for your family of seven on a 3 Mbps data subscription. There are plans out there that offer up to 100 Mbps per month. But no matter how big your data plan is, you still need help in setting up your Wi-Fi modem to make sure you cover all the areas in your home.

Setting up the perfect WiFi connection can be tedious and some may not be so effective.  We’re all on the search for that one solution that can give us perfect internet experience at home. For now, do your research first and take stock of your internet habits. Choose wisely.


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