How to Move On from Someone Who Was Never Yours? | Keyboard talks

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How to Move On from Someone Who Was Never Yours? | Keyboard talks

If all else fails, punch these keys.

| February 21, 2017

How to Move On

from Someone Who Was

Never Yours? |

Keyboard talks

By Chuck Charles

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The world stopped turning. Suddenly, everything can’t be explained, only felt. You memorized that face the moment you saw it. That smile was connected to yours. And there was music only your heart can understand.

You decide, on that very day, that he/she is the guy/girl of your dreams.

Despite that he/she is already someone else’s reality.

Or even more painful, he/she is unattached and still couldn’t possibly be more than a friend.

You can’t stop the agonizing pain. The kind of pain triggered emotionally and manifests physically.

But life has to go on. Stop being a downer!

Let us use the most familiar device – a keyboard – to remind you daily of the steps on how to move on from someone who was never yours.


Backspace on the denial. You think hiding your feelings is the best defense mechanism. That if you deny it, it won’t feel true. Therefore, it won’t hurt.

Newsflash: it will. Your feelings have been hurting you the moment you developed them. Not acknowledging your feelings won’t make it less real. You don’t have to admit it to that person. Your closest of friends would do. And most importantly, admit it to yourself. The first step is assessing these feelings so you would know how deep you need to dig to eradicate them.



End overthinking. Probably, the main reason you’re in this situation is because you obsess in the little details. All things that concern that person have meaning. No one can blame you. If you’re in love, every little thing he/she does is magic. Especially in your unrequited situation, you’d hold on to even the thinnest filament of hope you can grasp.

But sometimes, a laugh is just a laugh. A hug is just a hug. A ‘thank you’ is just a ‘thank you’. Start convincing yourself that there is nothing more than what it really is. Don’t overthink what could his/her words or actions mean. Because, as always, they’d end up to mean no more than what it is. He/she doesn’t have feelings for you the way you have them; he/she would have nothing to send signals with.


Pause Break

Pause. Break. Finally decide to spend a day to stop and analyze the flowers. Take this as a chance to reassess the situation as objectively as you can.

Is it really worth the pain? We all know this friendzoned story too well. Why should you continue harboring these feelings? Because “seeing him/her happy is the only thing that can make you happy?” Are you sure? Wouldn’t the person he/she is in a relationship with be in a better position to do that?

Love is giving the happiness that is only for him/her, even if it doesn’t come from you.



Control your emotions. Hey, it’s not your fault. You fell. Although, not getting up would be on you.

I get it. Spending time with him/her is the only thing you want in the world. Doing things that would make him/her happy is the only goal you have every day. Yes, you’re in love and in its sweetest form – for you have learned to love him/her even if you haven’t had the chance yet.

But it will all come crashing down one self-pitiful day. Nevertheless, you have the power to prevent that heart-crushing ending from happening because you already know that it will happen.

Ask yourself tenfold every time you are compelled by your emotions to do something for him/her. Then compare if you would do the same thing for a friend. Rein in your feelings before they throw you off course.