How to Piss Off a Graduating Student

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How to Piss Off a Graduating Student

So, ano na plano mo?

| March 29, 2017

How to Piss Off a Graduating Student

By Therese Aseoche

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There are a lot of fears and anticipation that come with graduating from school, which is why they hate it when other people make them feel even more miserable than they already are. Whether you mean to or not, here are the top offensive things you’re probably doing to your graduating relatives and friends.

8. Ask them repeatedly what their plans are

Is what they do with their life so important to you that it’s crucial for you to know every single detail? They don’t need to have everything figured out right away. In time, they’ll eventually find a direction all on their own without your constant nagging.


7. Scrutinize their decisions

And then sometimes, it’s the opposite. Graduating students finally have a solid plan on what they’ll do in the future, and then get judgement and disapproval over their decisions. So ano ba talaga?


6. Make them feel like they’re a failure for not choosing to be a doctor or a lawyer

Newsflash: the world doesn’t revolve around doctors and lawyers! Sometimes, people just want to marry them instead of being one, and that’s fine!


5. Pressure them to find a job ASAP

Ever heard of taking a break? College students have been so overworked for the past four or so years; let them take time to replenish their energy or build their portfolio.