The 8List Guide to Popping Pimples

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The 8List Guide to Popping Pimples

Ready? Squeeze!

| July 11, 2016

headerThe 8List Guide to Popping Pimples


You know it, your dermatologist has said it, and the Internet will confirm it: You’re not supposed to pop your pimples! You’ve been warned about the risk of scarring, infection and spreading countless times. So, what brings you here, you little rascal?

We know, we know. There are just some moments when you’ve gotta ignore reason and go for the squeeze. Like when you wake up with a gross zit the day before a rendezvous with (possibly) the one. Hay, buhay nga naman talaga.

Well if you’re going to risk it, you better make damn sure you do it properly! Here 8 things you need to remember.


8. Know when to pop.


Only touch a pimple that’s already a white head (aka when most of the pus has surfaced). Don’t ever try to pop a zit that’s still a painful bump beneath your skin. For those kinds, you need to wait it out, or see a dermatologist for an emergency Cortisone shot.


7. Sanitize every freakin’ thing.


Here’s the time to release all your OCD-tendencies. Pretend you’re a surgeon about to go into battle as you wash your face and hands thoroughly. And if you’re using a pimple extractor, make sure you sanitize that very well, too.


6. Prepare the zit for its death.


No, we’re not talking about a despedida party or parting words.

If it’s a big pimple, you’ll need to prick it with a sanitized needle or pin. Some pimple extractors have that on one end, but if yours doesn’t, you can use an ordinary needle or pin, as long as you sanitize it properly.

If your zit isn’t huge (congratulations!), go ahead and proceed to #5.


5. Go for the squeeze.


You can do this in two ways. First, you can use a clean pimple extractor, which is pretty much self-explanatory. Second, you can use your two index fingers, wrapped with clean tissue.

If you’re going for the second method, remember to push inwards and then upwards, confidently but gently. Also, in either method, make sure you have clean cotton balls or tissue ready for wiping away pus.