8 Films to Catch on the 20th EIGA SAI Japanese Film Festival 2017

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8 Films to Catch on the 20th EIGA SAI Japanese Film Festival 2017

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| July 3, 2017

8 Films to Catch

on the 20th


Japanese Film Festival


By Therese Aseoche

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In case you haven’t seen it, EIGA SAI is returning this year with another stellar lineup of award-winning Japanese films of varying genres that we can’t wait to marathon for the next two months. There are 20 films in total, but here are 8 of them which you cannot afford to miss!

Her Love Boils Bathwater

Futaba (Miyazawa Rie), a strict but caring mother, suddenly feels her world being shaken when she is diagnosed with terminal illness which leaves her with only two months left to live. She then takes it upon herself to do three things: bring her estranged husband back into their lives, restore the family bathhouse which is on the verge of ruin, and help her daughter Azumi (Sugisaki Hana) stand on her own two feet.

“Her Love Boils Bathwater” which is EIGA SAI 2017’s opening film will have you laughing and crying all the way to the end.



When Kobayashi Daigo (Motoki Masahiro), a cellist, finds out the orchestra he’s a part of gets dissolved, he returns to his hometown in Yamagata Prefecture with his wife Mika (Hirosue Ryoko). There, he comes across a classified ad for a company which provides aid for “Departures” and applies, not knowing the job in question is to be a traditional Japanese ritual mortician.

“Departures” is one of the festival’s 20th Anniversary Feature Films. It’s also one of Japan’s most critically acclaimed films, having been the first Japanese production to win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film among other accolades.


In This Corner of the World

One of the only two animated films to be screened during the festival, “In This Corner of the World” narrates the story of a young teenaged girl named Suzu who travels to Hiroshima to marry a naval officer during the time of World War II. As the intensity of the war heightens and food and supplies start to dwindle, Suzu must struggle to maintain her will to live. Although the story is fictional, you’ll find that the entire film is heavily inspired by real-life accounts of the people who’ve lived through the harrowing effects of the war.



EIGA SAI partners with Cinemalaya to present this indie film about a man and his solitude. Mizuhara Yusuke (Imamura Gaku) is a swimming pool lifeguard who lives a monotonous and routine life, but one day is forced to drive his chatty co-worker Shirasaki Koji (Watanabe Hirobumi, also the film director) every day to a neighboring pool. As the film progresses, we discover that Yusuke isn’t as stoic as he appears to be. But what exactly is behind that impenetrable façade?