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8 Tips on How to Tidy Up Like a Boss

Cleanliness is next to godliness, ’tis true.

| December 13, 2016


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8 Tips on How to Tidy Up Like a Boss

By Therese Aseoche


So you’ve decided to finally clean up all that clutter in your home, but you have no idea where to start, or have just become so overwhelmed by your stuff that you give up halfway through the sorting.

Here’s a little tip before you read on: tidying up isn’t supposed to be stressful. Marie “KonMari” Kondo, organizing consultant and acclaimed author, would rather that people view it as “life changing.”

In her two books, she says that tidying isn’t done to just put things in order; it’s used as a tool to have a better lifestyle after realizing how much stuff you spent on that you thought you’d need but instead are just gathering dust. She also gives a lot of valuable advice and explains the tips and tricks of decluttering very well.

But to make your life easier, we’ve simplified her method into the following list of 8 basic steps in achieving your clutter-free home—the KonMari way.

8. Tidy up by category, not by room


The first thing you should do is to determine which items to start tidying up rather than go through each room of your house one by one. Tidying up your clothes all at once, for example, allows you to see everything you own and make better decisions on what and how much to keep.


7. Gather and separate


Gather all your belongings of your room and then segregate them between two categories: What You Love, and What You Don’t Love. Obviously, you keep the things you love and then donate, sell, or discard the things you don’t. The purpose of this is to minimize the items you’ll be tidying up so it’s a faster and more enjoyable experience.


6. Start with the needs before the wants


Start tidying your necessities first. Begin with your clothes, then shoes, then accessories, then items you use daily, then the rest of your leisure goods like books, CDs, and collectibles, then lastly, the sentimental items.


5. Do it all at once, not little by little


Tidying up requires commitment to finish all you can in a day. Don’t limit your time for it. If you make yourself clean just for an hour every other day, then you’ll eventually feel like your decluttering isn’t leading anywhere at all. Instead, you’ll be accumulating clutter faster than you’re getting rid of them.

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