Here Are Memes for Casual Football Fans

Come for the memes, stay for the laughs.

| July 9, 2018

The World Cup Hero that We Deserve

Since the World Cup is held once in every four years, fans wouldn’t want to miss a single second of action. Just like this guy who’s rooting for the England team; holding two beers in one hand? LEGENDARY.


Germany is Shookt

Germany shocked the whole world when they got eliminated and placed last in the group stages. The Germans hadn’t really learned anything from the past had they?


Goals with Titanic Music are EVERYTHING

A compilation of this year’s best goals accompanied by THE Celine Dion? Perfection.


We’re As Fragile as Pepe

We’re surprised Pepe was able to continue playing after that painful hit! *rolls eyes*


What are your favorite memes? Share them with us below!