Here Are Memes for Casual Football Fans

By Desiree Pore

We’re almost at the end of the World Cup and damn, what an unpredictable tournament we’re having this year! With almost all of the favoured teams getting eliminated, it seems likely that a new champion will be crowned come July 15.

Sure, we’ve seen some of the most memorable goals and plays the world cup has to offer, but nothing is better than our favorite memes. The internet is really a wonderful place, mostly because of these birthed world cup memes.

Maradona is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Argentinian legend Diego Maradona’s presence at this year’s World Cup has been a blessing for football fans around the world thanks to his hilarious reactions whenever his country plays. It’s sad that Argentina went home early mainly because that means no more Maradona memes.


The Senegal Practice Session is the Only Thing You NEED to See Today

This year’s World Cup saw African teams getting eliminated in the group stages, which is a total bummer. Don’t fret, as we’ll always have this video of the Senegal team dancing to the DuckTales theme song.


Neymar and His Falls

Neymar, Brazilian football star in the making, has been recently known for his “falling skills”. Either he’s really into grass or just falls easily; the internet can’t help creating memes thanks to his hilarious acting skills.


Life Hit Batshuayi Hard On the Face

And that is why it’s never a good idea to challenge the net! Also:

The World Cup Hero that We Deserve

Since the World Cup is held once in every four years, fans wouldn’t want to miss a single second of action. Just like this guy who’s rooting for the England team; holding two beers in one hand? LEGENDARY.


Germany is Shookt

Germany shocked the whole world when they got eliminated and placed last in the group stages. The Germans hadn’t really learned anything from the past had they?


Goals with Titanic Music are EVERYTHING

A compilation of this year’s best goals accompanied by THE Celine Dion? Perfection.


We’re As Fragile as Pepe

We’re surprised Pepe was able to continue playing after that painful hit! *rolls eyes*


What are your favorite memes? Share them with us below!

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