8 Indie Hugot Films that will Give You a Reality Slap

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8 Indie Hugot Films that will Give You a Reality Slap

Para sa mga luhaan, sugatan at ‘di mapakinabangan

| February 26, 2017

8 Indie Hugot Films

that will Give You a Reality Slap

By Tynne De Leon

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Admittedly, we’re such slaves to hugot movies that we go see them expecting either to seek comfort from our broken hearts, or just really want to have a good cry. Maybe we need a slap back to reality that we find these movies relatable—that’s why we rush to the cinemas when one of these pop up on our radar; no matter how mainstream they’ve become. Here are some new recommendations (some of them you can watch on iFlix):

Dagitab (Sparks)


Dagitab is not your typical hugot movie; there’s a lot of metaphors in it that you may find hard to keep up with, until you realize the film’s charm lies in its mysteriousness. The film revolves around the lives of a middle-aged couple, Jimmy and Issey Tolentino (Nonie Buencamino and Eula Valdez) who find themselves completely lost after they’ve somewhat reached the peak of careers. Trust us, you will be drawn to its mystery once you see it. Watch it on iFlix.


I’m Drunk, I Love You


IDILY is a film that will hit you hard, and its portrayal of unrequited love will smack you hard in the face. The movie topbills Maja Salvador as Carson, a graduating student who agreed to accompany her best friend Dio (Paulo Avelino) to La Union despite her graduation rites just days away because duh, she’s is in love with him for seven years. But despite its hugot nature, the film has a lot of fun moments (bagnet, bagnet, bagnet!) and you will find yourself laughing the heartbreak away, just like Carson. It’s still showing in cinemas nationwide!


Sakaling Hindi Makarating


Whenever we get our hearts broken or feel lost, we’re always drawn to the idea of going someplace far to mend and “find ourselves.” And that’s exactly what Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi) did to nurse her broken heart after her 11-year romantic relationship ended. As she was receiving postcards from a certain “M” every two weeks, her neighbor and potential suitor Paul (Pepe Herrera) urged her to use them as itinerary and embark on a solo journey to find herself. This film will tell you to go out there, make awesome travel memories, and learn to appreciate life along the way. For sure,  you will fall in love with the Philippines once again. Catch it on Cinema 76.


Baka Bukas


LGBT relationships are nothing new to the local indie scene, but what sets Baka Bukas apart is its realistic and non-stereotypical take on the subject matter that every young person, even a non-LGBT can relate to. The story is about Alex (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) who has a thing for her girl best friend, Jess (Louise de los Reyes) ever since they were kids. Things get complicated when, of course, the latter learned about this, and they are forced to confront their complicated feelings for each other. So if you want to explore the wonders and understand the complexities of a same-sex relationship, it’s the film to watch.

It will be shown in cinemas nationwide  on March 1, so watch out for it!