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8 Indie Hugot Films that will Give You a Reality Slap

Para sa mga luhaan, sugatan at ‘di mapakinabangan

| February 26, 2017



Sleepless is not actually a romantic film, but its true and honest depiction of brokenness and life’s complexities make it a must-watch for people who are dealing with the same troubles. The story focuses on Gem (Glaiza de Castro) and Barry (Dominic Roco) who met in the complicated world of call center. As they become close to each other, they attempt to solve their own problems together and eventually discover how to fix them. If you’re feeling lost at the moment, you might find comfort while watching this film.

Visit Sleepless’ official Facebook page to know their future screening schedules.

Sana Dati


Sana Dati starts on a really sad vibe, so you know it’s going to get heartbreaking along the way. But don’t be fooled; the film’s story has depth. It stars Lovi Poe as Andrea, a girl about to get married to a young politician, Robert (TJ Trinidad). Things get complicated with the arrival of Dennis (Paulo Avelino), the wedding videographer who will remind Andrea of her sad and complicated past. The film is satisfyingly heartbreaking up to the last minute. And get your emotions ready when you hear UDD’s “Indak.”

You can stream Sana Dati on iFlix.

Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa


AKND is an ode to relationships nearing its end. It tackles the story of Sam (Nicco Manalo) and Isa (Emmanuele Vera) as they try to patch things up in their relationship. You will, for sure, get confused through its course, but its hidden meanings lie between its slow and silent moments. And it has a really painful soundtrack, believe me. Try not to cry while listening to Quest’s “Walang Hanggan.”

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Ang Nawawala


This film just perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love and finding yourself in the process. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant indie music scene, Ang Nawawala tells the story of Gibson (Dominic Roco) who was left mute by his traumatic past. As he reconnects with his family and friends for Christmas, he meets the sophisticated but broken Enid (Annicka Dolonius) who will help him face his fears and limitations. This film will make you fall in love and heartbroken at the same time, and will leave you speechless (yup, like the protagonist) once you finish it.

Ang Nawawala DVD is now available, and you can message their Facebook page to know where you can buy a copy.


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