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8 Indie OPM Songs You Need To Hear Live With Your Special Someone

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| May 29, 2017

8 Indie OPM Songs

You Need To Hear Live

With Your Special Someone

By Tynne De Leon

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Going to live gigs with your SO can be  magical—all the unspoken emotions between you two, translated into beautiful songs that hit straight to the heart. And we tell you, the feeling in that moment with just the two of you is something you won’t forget.

Below are just some of the most romantic indie OPM songs you need to hear live with bae when words fail to say how you feel about them:

Languyin – Autotelic

When you love someone, you take a leap of faith just to be with that person. Hearing this song live with your SO is like confessing how much you love them, all over again.


Tadhana – Up Dharma Down

If you two aren’t official yet, then hear this live. Maybe you’ll get the courage to talk about the status of your relationship after listening to this song.


Forever Alive – Keiko Necesario

Keiko Necesario’s sweet voice really sets  the  romantic ambience across the room, and Forever Alive will make you just want to lay your head on your SO’s shoulders.


Umaapaw – Ang Bandang Shirley

The song’s title echoes how you’d feel after hearing it: overflowing with emotions. It’s the perfect music background while you two are holding hands and submitting to that blissful feeling of being in love.

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