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8 Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your Office Desk

Cheer up your workspace with these tiny greens!

| January 30, 2017

8 Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your Office Desk

By Tynne De Leon

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Believe it or not, your work area affects your overall work mood. And you don’t want your space to look boring, right? While a major desk dress-up can take time and effort, you can start by adding some greenery  to your tabletop. Yes, we mean indoor plants. Not only do they serve as decoration, most of them have additional benefits, like removing dusts from the air so you’ll feel clean and energized at work.

Take a look at these desk-friendly plants that will add character to your tabletop:

Spider Plant

Not only do spider plants serve as decoration, these lively greens also clean the air indoors! Choose the smaller type for a subtle look, and boost your productivity with a dust-free working space.


Snake Plant

Snake plants are for those who like it simple and straightforward. These low-maintenance plants are fierce-looking, they’ll inspire you to rock that presentation you’ve been working on.


Peace Lily

Peace lily is a cubicle-friendly plant whose white-seed heads look like attractive flowers. This low-maintenance plant adds classiness to your workspace, and that’s enough reason to purchase one.



While most plantheads are already okay with a bit of green on their tabletops, some would love to have a little more color. And that’s where bromeliads come in. Make a colorful statement on your desk with these flowering plants and be energized by their posh look.