Japanese Skincare Products to Hoard on Your Next Trip

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Japanese Skincare Products to Hoard on Your Next Trip

Too much is not enough.

| November 17, 2017

Lululun Face Masks

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It would be a crime to come home from Japan without getting Lululun Face Masks. They come at affordable prices and are packaged in bulk (either 7 sheets or 32 sheets in one bag) so you’re really getting great value for your money. You have three types to choose from: Hydrating (pink packaging), Deep Moisturizing (blue packaging) and Whitening (white packaging).


Shiseido Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser

Handy, effective and affordable, this Senka Perfect Whip Foaming Cleanser is definitely one of Shiseido’s more popular skincare products. It leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated, and is perfect for your evening double cleansing routine.


Quality 1st Deep Moist Eye Mask

If it’s a simple and affordable eye mask brand you’re looking for, Quality 1st Deep Moist Eye Mask is your best bet. It works like an instant miracle — just put it on for a few minutes every morning to let it restore the moisture and firmness around the delicate eye area, and face the day with brighter and clearer eyes! It even has its own pair of tiny tweezers to help you get each cotton sheet out. A pack will last you for at least a month.


Foot Peels

If you’ve never heard of foot peels, don’t watch a video of one just yet! They look, feel, and kind of are really gross but take our word for it — it’s super effective in ridding your feet of callouses and dead skin. It works like this: you trap your feet in these gel-filled plastic booties in at least an hour. After around five days, all the dead skin on your feet will magically peel off, leaving you with smooth and soft feet!

You can buy affordable ones at Daiso, or hunt down for the popular brands like Baby Foot.


Which ones do you swear by? Share with us your thoughts below!