Are You Ready for Forever Love?

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Are You Ready for Forever Love?

Take this quiz and find out! #TasteForeverLove

| March 3, 2016


Are You Ready for Forever Love?


You don’t need to wait for forever to find out if you have what it takes to find Forever Love. It will happen—you just have to make sure you see the right signs along the way.

In the meantime, take this quiz to find out how ready you are for Forever Love! Just check the boxes that apply to you.

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  • You put your loved one’s interest first before yours, kaya kahit favorite mo ang balat ng Chickenjoy, ibibigay mo pa rin sa kanya just to see him or her smile.


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  • You go the extra mile to make your special someone happy, kaya mag-commute ka man mula North to South sa heavy traffic, go lang!


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  • You can relate to “kilig scenes” in your favorite teleserye and wish you and your dear one are in a similar scene.


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  • You make an effort to get to know his or her inner circle of family and friends, kahit isang barangay pa sila!


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  • You make an effort to know his or her favorites–food, movies, books, hobbies–at mega kilig ka sa similarities ninyong dalawa<3


Forever Love Quiz - Q6

  • You can wait ‘til forever for him or her to finish his or her stories, kahit kailangan ka nang maglatag ng banig sa haba ng kwentuhan n’yo.


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  • Kahit may signs of aging and hairfall o anumang pagbabago sa hitsura niya noon at ngayon, tanggap na tanggap mo pa rin siya. Basta love mo, ok sayo!


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  • Lagi kang excited makasama siya, kahit literally walk in the park lang ang lakad niyo. Presence pa lang niya, happy ka na!


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  • ‘Di ka nasisindak kahit Papa Dragon or Mama Tiger ang future in-laws mo. Kahit ano gagawin mo to prove na ready at super love mo ang precious child nila.


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  • And lastly, you believe that when you find true love, it’s “forever.”