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By Karina Sitaldas

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LANY (pronounced Lay-Nee) was not too long ago known by only Indie Music fans — that is until they came to the Philippines for Wanderland this past March. They’ve since launched their debut self-titled album and gained a significant amount of success not only in the country, but around the world; you literally get into your car, turn on the radio, and the chances of it being a LANY song are pretty high. Their music is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the current music scene. LANY’s synth-driven sound is one that’s so raw and so distinct, that you wouldn’t be able to listen to just one of their songs and stop; you’ll have them on repeat from the very first song that you hear.

Lucky for us, they’re going to be coming back to the Philippines in August and they’ll be playing in a bunch of Ayala Malls: Glorietta, Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, Market! Market!, and Trinoma. Here are 8 songs that we can’t wait to hear them perform live!

8. Flowers On The Floor

This is one from their new debut album; that one that makes you just wanna give the entire band a giant hug. This is a fun indie electronica song jam out to – but beneath the beat are lyrics that dwell on sadness and ignored efforts. It tugs right at your heartstrings — a common theme throughout the songs in this album.


7. Walk Away

Walk away highlights the misfortune of being able to walk away from love so easily, but the desperation of not wanting to be that way. Like always, such strong feelings, such raw emotions. Imagine how much more emotion we’ll see live.


6. Current Location

Anyone that has ever had to deal with a long distance relationship or being away from their partner will feel all the feels with this one. Is it worth keeping the relationship? Would the distance cause more of a burden than love? Is she even going to want him still when she gets back?


5. The Breakup

LANY’s album “LANY” highlights the thoughts that take place before a break up, and this song perfectly ties it all together. “It’s never the same love after the breakup.” We can’t say it’s not super sad, but we also can’t say that it doesn’t have any truth behind it.

4. Hericane

You know how there’s always that one song that sticks with you from each album? For us, it’s this one from their new one. You can hear the sincerity, the heartbreak — all the raw emotions in this one. “I love you still, I always will, but this needs to change.” Aww, Paul…


3. Good Girls

Good Girls… don’t exist. Don’t be fooled by the happy/disco vibe, it’s actually quite a heartbreaking song about unmet expectations, unrequited feelings, and disappointment.


2. Pink Skies

If you ask us, Pink Skies is definitely one of their best songs. It makes us happy, fuzzy inside, and makes us all wish we have someone to sing the song to. “You are my favorite everything” ♥


1. ILYSB (Stripped)

ILYSB is their most popular song to date. When you say LANY, it’s the first song that everyone thinks of. It’s catchy, it’s relatable, and it’s about love. We definitely can’t wait to hear this one live again!


What do you look forward to the most? Tell us about them below!

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