8 Lessons I Learned When I Lost (And Found) My Phone

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8 Lessons I Learned When I Lost (And Found) My Phone

Lesson 1: Don’t lose your phone.

| July 6, 2017

8 Lessons I Learned

When I Lost (And Found)

My Phone

By Tim Henares

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Recently, someone we knew lost her phone in a tricycle, but through an unexpected set of circumstances, she managed to get it back. It was a combination of amateur detective work, doggone persistence, and nifty deductive thinking.

As we go along this fascinating tale that only a lucky few of us could ever share, let’s talk about the things we could learn from it.

You lose it when you least expect it.

“When I lost my phone, I was too preoccupied with other stuff,” our friend, whom we will call “Atilla” at this point, told us. It was something we heard all too often: we often lose something when our guard is down, and getting down from a tricycle after a hectic day at work is one of those times.

Ultimately, you can take all the precautions you want, but it’s unreasonable to expect you can always be on guard every waking moment of your life, so accept that lapses can and will happen, and move on.


You can’t help but blame yourself (even if it wasn’t your fault).

Victim-blaming normally happens when we lose something, or if something gets stolen from us, because people think if we were more vigilant, then it could have been avoided.

That’s a shame because, as we will keep on harping on here, to expect eternal vigilance is simply impossible, unless your name is Serra.


You have to think on your feet if you want to get it back.

Not all lost phones are lost forever. When Atilla lost her phone, she was hoping against hope that it was lost and not stolen, even if the tricycle driver suspiciously drove away as fast as he could just when she was realizing that her phone went missing.

The obvious thing is that you can’t really “steal” that phone if you’re a tricycle driver operating in a small community, but if the person who lost their phone gave up quickly, then the phone could be yours to keep, once the trail goes cold. For anyone who wishes to get their phone back, you can’t let that happen, especially if you lost it in, say, a taxi.


 If it were stolen (instead of lost), you’re never getting it back.

All your pleas, all your begging for your friends to text or call that phone will fall on deaf ears if someone actually stole your phone. If you lost it, you might have a chance, but even that isn’t quite a guarantee.

During Atilla’s minor ordeal, not once did the phone get picked up despite it ringing off the hook the whole time.