8 Things Parents Miss About Life Before Kids

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8 Things Parents Miss About Life Before Kids

And if you don’t agree, you’re a liar.

| June 28, 2016

Life Before Kids8 Things Parents Miss
About Life Before Kids
By Alexis Betia

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Got-my-sh*t-together tiger dads and barely-surviving-by-the-skin-of-our-teeth moms alike will say the same thing: We wouldn’t give up our kids for any freedom in the world.

Our kids are precious, precocious beings that have grown from being crying poop machines and to becoming our very best friends—they’re the reason we get up in the morning and crawl home at night. They make us stronger, better people and inspire us the make the world a better place for them. There’s nothing in the world that can come close to the love we have for our kids, and nothing stronger than the desire to keep them safe and make them happy.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with reminiscing about the days before they came into our lives. Parents do still have feelings, after all.

8. Weekends

8 Life Before Kids

Every parent misses being able to wake up whenever we want on Saturday mornings. The nostalgia is strongest on Sunday evenings after an action-packed weekend of making the most of our time with our kids, because damn if kids aren’t tiring.

7. Going to the Bathroom

7 Life Before Kids

Gone are the days of peeing and pooping in private. A house with kids means a house with no locks on the doors.

6. Watching TV

6 Life Before Kids

Remember when you had the freedom to flip through channels and had time to catch up on your series? Good times, good times.

5. Hanging Out with Friends

5 Life Before Kids

Fellow parents are difficult to make plans with because our lives revolve around our kids rather than our free time. On the flip side, as a single parent, going out with single friends can be a chore because it’s so difficult to relate to their lifestyles and problems.