How to Tell if Your Life has Become a Korean Drama

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How to Tell if Your Life has Become a Korean Drama

Do you have the KDrama fever?

| July 30, 2016


How to Tell if Your Life
has Become a Korean Drama

By Tynne De Leon

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Korean drama is a dangerous pandemic—sadly, there is no known cure once you’re afflicted. Most call it the KDrama fever, which has spread throughout pop culture and invaded our  prime tv spots.

And, let’s admit it, you love seeing alpha men in their stylish suits—from teenage flower boys to chaebols (aka rich, company men). These hunky Korean actors have you drooling over their romantic gestures and contradictory bad boy images. Cinderella plots and love triangles get you in a tizzy, you can’t help but crave more—always, more.

The KFfever now has  control over every aspect of your being, to the point that your life has begun to imitate art. And are you complaining? Hell, naw!

8. The smallest things get you kilig


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Because of the skinship in Korean dramas (Note to normal humans (NNH): Skinship is when characters engage in physical intimacy—say, holding hands), every single moment is a huge deal.You get excited with the slightest interaction between you and your intended, and you often fantasize that you’re your own OTP (NNH: One True Pairing, your favorite relationship in the drama). You scream your lungs out when they finally confess their love for you, and when you kiss? Bam—cue signature ballad with 360 degree motion camera—even if it is all just in your head.


7. You often try to pit two love interests against each other


And why shouldn’t you take on the lead role in the Korean drama that is your life? They always have two handsome men fighting over her. The fact that regardless of how unattractive she is, the lead girl always has suitors is strangely encouraging, and makes it easier for you to step into the role.  Keri na kung pangit, maganda naman personality mo ‘di ba?


6. You call your SO “oppa” instead of “baby”


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(NNH: Oppa – not-so-older man. Girls usually use this endearment for  their beloved)  

Your oppa is so swoon-worthy that the term “bae” aka “before anyone else” is a tragic understatement.


5. You’ve adopted the soundtrack of your favorite K-Ddrama as the one for your life


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Your non-kdrama-fan friends are kind enough to think it endearing how you’ve memorized lyrics “you don’t even understand.” Sure, sometimes its annoying when you start speaking to them in Korean, but they’ve become so used to you bursting out into incomprehensible song at random points throughout the day that it’s par for the course of being friends with you.