8 Local Bands to Add to Your Radar

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8 Local Bands to Add to Your Radar

Because music can soothe our soul.

| December 12, 2016

8 Local Bands to Add to Your Radar

By Therese Aseoche

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The local music industry churns out so many great bands with their own style that it’s getting difficult to stay updated with who’s who. And if you’re not an avid follower of the scene, you’ll often make the mistake of judging gigs by their lineup. So save yourself from being an ignoramus and add these local bands to your radar. (You’ll be surprised by how much you’re actually missing!)

8. Tom’s Story

Although not the first to enter the scene as an instrumental rock band, Tom’s Story made local music followers appreciate their type of music. They have become an instant crowd favorite in music fests and bar gigs because of their energetic sets. You won’t be able to resist singing along to their tunes even if they don’t have lyrics.


7. Rusty Machines

If there’s a band that will perpetually make you yearn for the sand and the sea, Rusty Machines is it. Their chill vocals and catchy rhythm gives you that unmistakable indie sound that’ll make you sing and dance like no one’s watching.


6. Apartel

The hip-swaying, foot-tapping 70s sound that is Apartel’s music is your dad’s rhythm and blues playlist revamped. This brainchild of Jay Ortega and Ely Buendia is a far cry from what followers of the local music scene are used to hearing, and yet it has managed to attract crowds of 20-somethings looking for a fresher sound.


5. Carousel Casualties

The upbeat, feel good tunes of Carousel Casualties will be your favorite additions to your go-to weekend drive music. Although a newcomer to the scene, the band has quickly made a strong impression on audiences with their positive energy and lyrics.