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Local Vegan Snack Brands to Try (Whether or Not You’re Vegan)

When meat is murder.

| July 20, 2017

Local Vegan

Snack Brands

to Try

(Whether or Not

You’re Vegan)

By Therese Aseoche

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You don’t have to quit eating meat to be able to enjoy these local Vegan snacks. Here’s where you can get your fix of indulgent yet guilt-free merienda!

Take Root

This junk-free snack company is known best for their all-natural kale chips which are made from pesticide-free kale grown in family-run farms in Cavite and Benguet. Among all the local vegan and vegetarian snack brands, Take Root has become one of the most recognizable, with their products being sold in cafés, restaurants, and online shops.

If you’re trying their kale chips for the first time, you have to get either the Vegan Cheeze or the Sour Kream & Chive!


GMCS Farms

GMCS Farms’ catalog of organic mushroom pastes, tuyo flakes, and Spanish sardines are enough to satisfy your cravings for Pinoy flavors!


Jertie’s Kitchen

All of Jertie’s Kitchen’s products — its pastries, sauces, and savory food like Pinoy longganisa — are delicious and satisfying without the added guilt! What sets them apart from other brands of the same nature is that they offer to host and teach health seminars and workshops regarding plant-based lifestyle and cooking, as well as coach those who want to make the healthier switch.


Vegetari Healthy Bites

Vegetari Healthy Bites makes it possible to gorge down handfuls of chicharon without fear of shortening your lifespan by a couple of years. They’ve got Chichashroom, a crispy mushroom snack, and Seacharon, a crispy seaweed snack, which are both naturally tasty and still perfect when paired with beer.