Locally Designed Must-Haves for your Summer Beach Getaway

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Locally Designed Must-Haves for your Summer Beach Getaway

Summer OOTD on point.

| April 18, 2018

Locally Designed Must-Haves

for your Summer Beach Getaway

By Therese Aseoche

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It’s summer season once again and you’d definitely be missing out if you don’t travel out of town at least once in the next couple of months — particularly to any beach destination. As people from the tropics, it’s almost imperative to head to the beach for that much-needed dose of sun, sand, and sea. So when you’re planning that summer vacay with the fambam or the squad, try checking out these locally-designed items to take along with you!

Habin PH Beach Sandals

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Habin PH offers stylish and comfy sandals you can rock with your trendy summer get-up. Each piece is designed, sourced, and handcrafted locally using artisanal fabric (namely T’nalak, Yakan, and Inabel).


Lagu Sand-Repelling Products

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Did you know that tourists can unintentionally displace at least three handfuls of sand per day spent at the beach? And because of climate change, natural sand replenishment just can’t keep up anymore with the horde of people going on beach getaways every weekend. With the world’s first sand-repelling beach blanket by Lagu, as well as its collection of stylish beach-friendly apparel, footwear, and tote bags, you can do your part in saving the environment while rocking a fashionable summer OOTD.


Island Girl Handbags

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Your 2018 summer look won’t be complete without a chic Instagrammable rattan bag which you can easily get and more from online shop Island Girl. The brand is all about sustainability and tropical vibes with all its products utilizing 80% natural materials and having been expertly handcrafted by members of rural communities.

Check out its catalog of handbags, crossbody bags, clutches, and statement totes all inspired by tropical elements!


Wawai’s Organics Sunscreen

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When choosing a sunblock to pack in your beach essentials, grab a can (or two) of Wawai’s Organics sunscreen which is made from 100% natural ingredients, is reef-friendly, is safe for all skin types, and is packaged in reusable tin cans instead of plastic.