8 Hottest Beauty Trends of 2015

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8 Hottest Beauty Trends of 2015

Stay pretty!

| February 6, 2015


2015 is the era of Japanese pop culture for fashion and makeup. It’s different from Korean Pop–IMHO, J-pop culture is more underground and more fashionable, and  K-Pop just borrowed everything from J-Pop! Makeup trends for this year are bare or no makeup at all look; just an accent around the eye, eyebrows, or lips. Not too much blush on and contour is a must!

Here are some of this year’s hottest trends–and some fashion items, too!

8. The Dewy Effect.


Combine moisturizer or shimmer powder (like bronzers) to liquid foundation. This may look a bit of sweaty or oily look in cameras, but your skin will look flawless in person.

7. No Make-Up / Bare Skin Look.


Just apply concealer for under eye discoloration or eye bags and other parts of the skin that has discoloration. A little foundation or powder will do. Add a soft contour andbrush the eyebrows. No eyeshadow and a little touch of coral blush on would be excellent!

6. Pop Up Color Eye Shadow or Eyeliner.


Any neon color eyeshadow or eyeliner to pop up that eyes! Everything is mute from blush on to lipstick–this gives way to eyeshadows or eyeliner. Choose from neon, opaque colors or just black. No need to blend! Do not forget the eyebrows. Eyebrows and eyeshadows complement each other!

5. Say Goodbye to Winged Eye Liner!


This may not look good in everyone, but you’ll see this kind of eyeliner look in magazines and fashion TV. Apply eyeliner just in the middle of the eyes both upper lid and lower lid. It has been used by Shu Uemura as makeup trends over the years, but very few have tried it. You may want to give this a shot!

4.  Plum or Red Lippies are Back!


Shade of plum or red lip colors are back. Mute everything from eyeshadows, eyebrows, and blush on. A classy plum or red shade of lipstick will help you bring that classy victorian chick vibe. No need to put too much eyeliner as well.

3. Contour, Contour, Contour!


Big thanks to the people who found out and spread the gift of contour! No need for plastic surgeries! Learn the art of contour and save thousand for those surgeries.Everything may change–trends, colors of eyeshadow and lipstick, but contour will be around forever. It’s practically every woman’s best friend.

2.  Flower Power / Frida headband / Boho Chic


Personalized flower headbands! One common example is the beautiful flower headband used by Frida Kahlo. Here’s one of the many helpful DIY videos out there.

1. Messy Out of Bed Look Hairstyles


Enough of the super clean straight hairstyles! Its the era of the out-of-bed look. All you need to do is shampoo your hair, comb and blow dry it, combine a pinch of rock salt  and 100ml water in an atomizer, and spray it on your hair. Curl it if you want, it can hold better curls than other hair products in the market.


Got other hot makeup trends to share? Leave us your comments below!