The Merc With A Mouth: 8 Times Deadpool Ruled Comics (and Our Hearts)

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The Merc With A Mouth: 8 Times Deadpool Ruled Comics (and Our Hearts)

AKA the greatest comic book character ever.

| July 15, 2015

If you’re wondering why news of the San Diego Comic Con has been cluttering your feed lately, it’s because of all the awesome and epic news, trailers and announcements revealed during the event. However, one particular trailer was a show-stopper: Marvel’s Deadpool. It was one of the most best-received trailers at Comic-con, so much so that lead star Ryan Reynolds showed it twice.

But who is Deadpool and why are comic book fans pissing themselves with excitement?

Created in 1991 by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/writer Rob Liefeld (yes, THAT Rob Liefeld), Deadpool (real name: Wade Wilson) made his first appearance in Marvel’s New Mutants #98. Since then, the character has evolved into an antihero who makes fun of different clichés. He’s also aware that he’s a character in comic book, and he often breaks the fourth wall to hilarious effect. Also, he doesn’t know how and when to shut up, earning him the nickname “Merc With A Mouth.”  Also, he has a highly accelerated healing factor, having survived being decapitated more than once.

Not even Herbert West (the Re-Animator) can do that.

Forget about the Avengers. Here are a few examples why Deadpool’s the best:

8. When he addressed the elephant in the room

It takes a big man to discuss a huge, glaring problem that everyone wants to ignore.


7. When he tried to outsmart Daredevil

Daredevil may be blind, but that guy’s senses are crazy amplified.


6. He’s accepting of everyone

He doesn’t discriminate between heroes and villains. Unless of course, he needs to kill you to get paid.


5. He can make the most out of a bad situation

And who doesn’t like tacos? A liar, that’s who. And liars go to hell.


4. He’s smooth with the ladies

Wade Wilson: Merc With a Mouth, aka Doctor of Love


3. He’s a fan of metal

He fought 10 dead presidents while suggesting that we listen to Pantera. We would’ve went with Domination. Or Slayer. Slayer’s the answer for everything.


2. He approaches adversity head on

Whether it’s Galactus, Omega Red, Carnage or the Hulk, no being is too big or powerful for Deadpool. It also helps that he’s a fan of Princess Bride!


1. He makes an awesome father figure

You can count on Deadpool to speak to your heart in volumes.



How about you? Got any reasons for loving the Merc With a Mouth/the greatest comic book character ever created? (Sorry, Batman.) Sound off in the comments below!