The 8 Memorable Roles of Veteran Actor Pen Medina

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The 8 Memorable Roles of Veteran Actor Pen Medina

What will Pen Medina take on next?

| August 13, 2017

The 8 Memorable Roles

of Veteran Actor

Pen Medina

By 8List

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Veteran actor Pen Medina has been a mainstay in Philippine cinema. Acting since the early 1980’s, Medina has always made the movies he’s in more memorable with his incredible performance in each of them–no matter how big or small that role might be. And he is about to take on a new “role”; one that’s sure to be his most challenging to date.

Until then, let’s look at some of the actor’s most notable roles:

Scorpio Nights

Medina played a minor role on one of local cinema’s landmark film, Scorpio Nights. It talked about the intricate layers of social and political commentary especially on the martial law governing the country at the time.

Muro Ami

Muro Ami tells the story of a ruthless captain of a boat filled with children embarking on an illegal fishing trade. Montano plays the captain, Fredo, while Medina plays Montano’s father, Dado, where he earned Best Supporting Actor award during the 1999 Metro Manila Film Festival.



This movie by Raymond Red won critical acclaim in 1993’s Cannes Film Festival. While many would praise Julio Diaz’s performance (rightfully so), Medina’s role as Sakay’s right hand man Lucio de Vega was equally compelling to watch.



Medina also starred in Himala, considered to be one of the most beloved movie of all time. Himala remains a true cinema classic, it being more apparent by the fact it was digitally restored in 2012.