The 8 Memorable Roles of Veteran Actor Pen Medina

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The 8 Memorable Roles of Veteran Actor Pen Medina

What will Pen Medina take on next?

| August 13, 2017

Jose Rizal

Pen Medina played the older brother of our national hero, Paciano, in the movie Jose Rizal. This led to Jose Rizal winning numerous awards in 1999, including Best Picture.


In 2009’s Cinemalaya film festival, Medina played a starring role in the movie Tatang. He played a thief who would heavily influence her granddaughter.


10,000 Hours

10,000 Hours tells the story of a Philippine Senator on the run after he was perceived as a threat to corrupt officials of the government. Medina plays the role of a whistle blower, which earned him the Best Supporting Actor award.


What’s next?

Pen Medina’s New Role

Pen Medina is just sick of all the drama. But what’s next?

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Colonel’s Most Action Packed Role

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