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Bookworms Prepare: MIBF 2017 is Here and it’s Even Bigger than We Expected!

No touchscreens here.

| September 6, 2017

Create a list of the things you’re planning to buy

For a more put-together and budgeted visit, write down all the items you plan on buying. MIBF doesn’t only have books in their exhibits; they also have postcards, stationeries, and other school supplies. Knowing what you’re there for makes it easier for you to navigate the crowds.


Score free tickets!

National Book Store’s give away tickets to MIBF 2016

No, MIBF is not a free event but fret not! The tickets aren’t expensive; they’re priced at Php 20. Think of it as a fee you can pay for the maintenance of the whole event. However, if you want a hack for that ticket, many bookstores and publishing houses offer them for free. Fully Booked and National Bookstore usually has free tickets you just have to ask for them at the counters but they run out quickly so better go to the nearest one now!

Adarna House has published free printable tickets and you can check them out here.


Prepare with the right attire

Death Eater at the Harry Potter party at MIBF 2016

It might seem funny but a good OOTD that will keep you comfortable throughout the day should be considered. Aside from the fact that you will look good for those Instagram photos, you also won’t tire from walking around all day. Or you could also go all out and dress up like book characters!


Contact your friends and have fun!

Lastly, call up your squad and have fun. Of course, you won’t let this event go without hanging out with your friends. Besides, it’ll be more fun if you go with fellow bookworms!

Stay updated and visit the official Facebook page of Manila International Book Fair. See you there!


What day are you planning on going? Share it with us!

All photos via Manila International Book Fair’s website and official Facebook page.