8 Mid-2000s K-pop Groups that Introduced Us to the Fandom

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8 Mid-2000s K-pop Groups that Introduced Us to the Fandom

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| July 13, 2017

8 Mid-2000s

K-pop Groups

that Introduced Us

to the Fandom

By Patti Sunio

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Here’s to the K-pop groups that made college (or high school!) life more bearable. We’ve seen them through awkward phases, pre-debut pics, and anime hair, yet awaited every release of their new MVs, subscribed to the fandoms, and memorized the fan chants to all the songs. We’re thankful that a lot of them are still active now!


Debuted in 2009; disbanded in 2016.

Maybe we saw them in the Lollipop ad with Big Bang, or it was probably Sandara Park who introduced us to this 21st century girl group. But with a debut single like Fire, that instantly went hot on the charts, and subsequent hits like I Don’t Care, I Am The Best, and Lonely, how can we not turn into loyal Blackjacks?



Debuted in 2006.

Before there was GD&TOP, GDYB, and yup, GD’s Act III MOTTE concert coming soon in Manila!!!—there was Big Bang. Those who knew them from their early days, with Lies and Haru Haru can definitely attest to how far they’ve come and transformed to the idols, fashion icons, and artists they are today.



Debuted in 2007.

The original nine-member group introduced us to colored skinny jeans in Gee, and it became quite a trend back in the early 2000s, too. As much it was hard memorizing who’s who, given their similar appearances and body types, we enjoyed choosing which SNSD girl was our fave!



Debuted in 2007; disbanded in 2017.

Of course, how could we not know the girl group that brought us the hit song Nobody, which followed us practically everywhere, from the malls to the jeep, to TV shows and in parties. Their 1920s-inspired MV and the girls in sparkly flapper dresses didn’t make it hard for us to watch on repeat and memorize the steps, too!