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8 Mid-2000s K-pop Groups that Introduced Us to the Fandom

K-razy for you.

| July 13, 2017


Debuted in 2005.

How can you say no to 13 perfect-looking Korean idols? You simply can’t. Super Junior had that magic (imagine, 13 oppas!), and transformed lots of us Filipino fans into ELFs. Their single Sorry, Sorry wasn’t just a catchy tune, the dance steps were amazing, and the MV was very addicting to watch, too!



Debuted in 2007.

In a time when 12 to 13 members were all the rage in boy groups, there came F.T. Island. Instead of super synchronized dance moves, they performed with instruments, and were a breath of fresh air to the K-pop scene. The members are also well-known for their solo activities outside the band.



Debuted in 2008.

When we first saw their Hands Up MV, we thought it was very Western in rhythm and style, which was probably because some of its original members have previously lived in the U.S. While a lot of boy group members in their time were slim and lean, the 2PM members were bulky and hunky, much to the delight of fans!



Debuted in 2010; disbanded in 2017.

Unlike other girl group members who are more on the slender, skinny, and sweet side, Sistar was known for their healthy, sexy image. They were also often commended for being the best performers in super high heels (which they’ve been practicing in since their trainee days!).


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