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That Damn Energy-Gap Thing has Fans Making Their Own Versions

Ugh, we’re singing it in our heads now.

| January 7, 2017

That Damn Energy-Gap Thing has Fans Making Their Own Versions

By Meg Santibañez

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Who would’ve thought that not long after that damn Pen-Pinapple song, the Philippines would have its own viral earworm. Yup, Milo’s Energy Gap by  James Reid ran through our feeds like an avalanche.

We present to you our favorite clips/remixes/covers of Energy Gap.

8. ZK67Beats Remix


We totally wouldn’t mind dancing to this at a night club, seriously. Those beats are sick.


7. Insane Drum Cover


Ibang level na ito, bes.


6. Swabe Guitar Cover


And it’s in finger style—new ringtone, anyone?


5. BTS Parody


Can you imagine a Korean boyband as brand ambassadors of MILO? *cough* that’s an unsolicited advice MILO *cough*