Modern Love: 8 Dating Apps (Other Than Tinder)

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Modern Love: 8 Dating Apps (Other Than Tinder)

Plenty of apps in the sea.

| February 9, 2018


Players, this app ain’t for you; known as the “relationship” app, Hinge helps you prevent from being ghosted, and instead build stable relationships. How can this app help build relationships you ask? Well, it will connect you to your friend’s friends, if that friend is also registered on the app. Or something like that.

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You know that feeling of missed opportunity between you and that cute guy that walked pass by you? We’ve all been there! Happn is the app for all hopeless romantics out there (or stalker, cough). The app tracks down people you’ve crossed paths with and where and when you’ve crossed paths. Cute, right?

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It’s the app that you constantly see thanks to its countless product placements in pop culture. One of the most popular dating apps out there, PlentyofFish is so simple that dating app noobs can learn it in a snap. Simply create your profile, search for potential matches, hit them up, then you’re good to go!

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An app created for (literally) fit people, Sweatt is a dating app for people obsessed with all things fitness. “Scout” a match that complements your workout routine and go on an energetic first date! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

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