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#MoiSon is the Definition of Kilig

MoiSon ang katarungan?

| May 6, 2018

#MoiSon is the Definition of Kilig

By Kyzia Maramara

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WARNING: Do not read if you’re bitter.

As if Moira’s newest music video isn’t enough to send us to kilig oblivion, then maybe witnessing MoiSon (Moira and Jason) being vocal about their feelings for each other will.

It’s official, Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez are now engaged and the world just exploded in fireworks. This couple sealed the deal in an unexpected moment during Moira’s shoot for the music video of her song Tagpuan.

Towards the middle of the video, while the couple was standing on top of a cliff and during sunset nonetheless, Jason made a speech (more on that later) and afterwards went down on one knee and proposed to Moira. It was a tearfully joyful yes followed by a long hug and all the 2.7 million viewers at home cried with them.

They were best friends long before they became lovers

Being friends first and then slowly realizing you want to be with the person is the sweetest thing. Granted it’s also scary because you don’t know where admitting your feelings might leave you (would it ruin the friendship?) but when you’ve known a person as a friend and you’ve seen their flaws, transitioning to lovers is easy. It might even be the best thing ever.

Work it! #BelatedNationalBffDay

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From the start, they strived to have a God-centered relationship

Both church-goers and a part of worship teams, Moira and Jason  both prayed that they’d be given the desires of their heart and more. In the end, all the waiting and the prayers were answered.

My turn!!!😋 When I asked God for you, I watered my prayers down with the hopes that I won’t find myself disappointed. But through you, God showed me that He knows my heart’s deepest desires, even when i try to water them down on days I’m low on faith.🙈 When I asked Him for good, He gave me His best. He gave me a man who showed me that I don’t have to fight to be fought for or settle just to be pursued. He gave me someone I can trust and feel safe with. Someone I enjoy looking at not just because he’s pogi (naaaaks🤢😂) but because every moment with you is a reminder of how faithful our God is.☺ I thank the Lord for not listening to my watered down prayers and giving me you. You were worth every second of the wait my @jasonmarvinph and you will always be my favorite blessing🤗I love you! #NationalBoyfriendDay♥✨

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Jason also knew the right way to court a girl is to ask permission from her dad, or in Moira’s case, dads. Make a mental note, boys.


Their first anniversary special Instagram posts

It’s so kilig to see posts like this where couples who are genuinely in love are not afraid to shout it out to the world.


They’re both great singers and songwriters and they use their talent to express their love for one another

Since MoiSon were both gifted with the talent to excel in music, we are blessed with their song covers every once in a while.

Their cover of Perfect by Ed Sheeran showed how ‘perfect’ they were for each other. (See 03:13 and 04:47)

And also their cover of Best Part by Daniel Caesar where Jason was mouthing ‘I love you’ to Moira while she was singing. That killed you, admit it!