#MoiSon is the Definition of Kilig

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#MoiSon is the Definition of Kilig

MoiSon ang katarungan?

| May 6, 2018

They make us laugh and make us wish we had someone too

Jason recently launched his vlog but even before that they were seen on camera as guests for Alex Gonzaga’s vlog where they tried to keep up with Alex’s weirdness.

On Jason’s vlog, however, we see how he and Moira interact without thousands of fans in front of them. And we also see Jason’s sense of humor although that’s already very evident in his Instagram account.


The sweet parallel of these two posts

When Jason and Moira became a couple, Moira posted this photo:

Now Jason and Moira just got engaged and Moira posted this photo:

It feels as if we were part of their journey from friends to couple to their engagement. It’s such an inspiring and wonderful feeling watching two people on the path of happy romance.


Kilig. With blessings.

God, You are so good. Thank you for my Moi.

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That says it all, right there.


Even more kilig coming your way!

Get you a Jason Marvin or find yourself a Moira Rachelle!

Obedience leads to beautiful things 🌚🌝

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Buhay pa ba kayo?


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