8 Memorable Moments from Toycon 2017

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8 Memorable Moments from Toycon 2017

Because we refuse to grow up.

| July 11, 2017

8 Memorable Moments

from Toycon 2017

By Tim Henares

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After spending the entire weekend in Toycon’s second foray into the SMX Convention Center, we were definitely wowed by the continued progression of what has been, for years, one of the, if not the biggest convention in the Philippines. Here are 8 things that stood out from this year’s edition.

8. The Reign of Funko Pop

Well, the official name for ToyCon this year was “Toycon Poplife Fan Experience,” so it shouldn’t have come as a huge surprise to everyone that Funko Pop was out there in full force, including some limited edition goodies!


7. Mars Ravelo, Pop Icon

Alodia Gosiengfiao also won a Pop Icon award this year, but the late Mars Ravelo’s recognition as a true-blue pop icon is long overdue and a welcome development. With all of his properties under one production outfit, could we expect a Raveloverse string of films coming soon? Perhaps the long awaited crossover between Darna, Lastikman, and Captain Barbell could finally happen!


6. The Shower Rangers

As a sendup to the Power Rangers in a con that actively celebrated them, the Shower Rangers was a pretty on point brand execution that we have to give kudos to. While most other branded content would have felt out of place being put onstage, the Shower Rangers fit in perfectly.


5. Bewley. Charlie Bewley.

Best known for his role in Twilight, the British native confessed to having his sights set on being James Bond at some point in his career. Among the international guests everyone wanted to see, Mr. Bewley was easily the dark horse who caught everyone by surprise.