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Most Bizarre Beauty Trends of 2017

2017, you’re weird.

| December 19, 2017

Via Metro

Most Bizarre Beauty Trends of 2017

By Kyzia Maramara

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For the past twelve months we’ve witnessed the bizarre artistic expressions of the internet. From nose hair extensions (who needs those?) to glitter everything, 2017 was definitely too much to handle!

1. Hair nail art

We get that the person who made this one of the best makeup artists out there; she was even invited to Ellen. But why tho?


2. Using food as makeup

Can we please not waste these items and keep them where they belong? In the kitchen.


3. Faux freckles

Freckles were once considered unwanted blemishes but the women of 2017 have different opinions. There are even women who would go as far as TATTOOING freckles on their faces.


4. Nose hair extensions

And because 2017 is full of the most bizarre things, beauty trends brought us nose hair extensions. Want to look like a spider is lodged up your nose? Cut false eyelashes and stick them up your nostril!