Up All Night: The N00b’s Guide to An All-Nighter

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Up All Night: The N00b’s Guide to An All-Nighter

A.k.a. tips on how to get away with no sleep

| September 5, 2016


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Up All Night: The N00b’s Guide to An All-Nighter

By Tynne De Leon

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There always comes a point in every hardworking person’s life when you have no choice but to spend your supposed favorite time (a.k.a. sleep) working your ass off to meet deadlines. Take it from yours truly, who’s been a resident night owl since high school, and has pulled off more all-nighters than actual shut-eye.

Staying up all night is never an easy task, especially if you’re a person who takes their rest time very seriously. Fighting the urge to sleep it off is the main distraction, and it can be savage when you’re trying hard to concentrate.


While getting too little sleep is a bad thing, here are 8 simple things that can help you get through those nights when you absolutely have to pull an all-nighter:

8. Sweets are your worst enemy


There’s one hobby that most night owls can’t seem to quit, and that is the ever-tempting urge to binge-eat. Oh, glorious food. Who can resist the urge to munch while procrastinating? And since food (always) keeps us going, it’s important to know what’s right to ingest when you’re trying to keep yourself awake.

For starters, sweets will not do you good (brb, chocolates) because too much of them can spike your blood sugar, leading to a crash within the next few hours (and you probably don’t want that especially if you have a long day ahead). Try to opt for natural sugars, instead: apple, mangoes, bananas and fruit juice that’ll keep you energized. Just remember not to eat them all at once, and give at least ten minutes in between. Check these for healthier energy-boosting options.


7. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk


Gluing yourself to your desk all night is not the most ideal thing to do, and it can make you sleepier than you already are. To boost your energy, you need to stand up, flex those muscles for a while or walk around the room for at least every 45 minutes. It’ll help you feel more alert, at the same time enhancing your brain power. Trust us, your body will thank you for this.


6. Cue the Electronic Dance Music (EDM)


Blasting some hard jams can help keep you going! If you can work with some tunes on, playing EDM is just one of the best choices to keep you awake. According to some hardcore music enthusiasts, music at 120 BPM (twice your pulse rate at rest) will do the trick. Plus, dancing and singing to these tunes can make you feel alive, taking the stress off your mind for a while.


5. (Lots of) Water is always the answer!


Setting your extra caffeine aside and replacing it with more water is one way to keep you more energized. Sadly, it’s the most neglected drink of most people, who always opt for sodas and energy drinks. But when experts say that water is almost always your healthiest drink option, they’re never wrong. Water increases our energy level by keeping us hydrated and through the night. Drinking lots of water keeps us awake, plus, we need those bathroom breaks to get our bodies moving.