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New Smartphone Release Roundup

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| March 14, 2017

New Smartphone Release Roundup

By 8List

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If you’re looking for a new upgrade then you, my friend, are in luck because the smartphone releases this year are great. You’ll have a tough time choosing between these as  smartphones become increasingly more versatile and efficient. What a time to be alive.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium


Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium is the world’s first smartphone to possess a 4K HDR display.  It’s also the first smartphone capable of super slow motion which can capture 960 frames per second. Truly, everything becomes Wow.


 Moto G5 and Plus


Adding to Moto G’s line up is the G5—Motorola’s entry to the mid sized phone market. It’s specs are considered the norm by today’s standards, but considering Motorola was a bit late to the party, this is a superb effort.


Nokia 6


Nokia’s major move to switch to Android is paying off with the warm reception the Nokia 6 is getting. It has above average specs like its 16MP camera, finger print sensor, 3GB RAM and the latest Android Nougat.


Nokia 3310


The iconic 3310 is back in a much sleeker form. It has something no other phone in the current market can boast: its battery can last for up to a month. Its ultimate charm is its simplicity—void of the features we see from a smartphone. A true throwback to simpler times.

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