[dropcap letter=”T”]elevision is the backbone of our societyit held us close throughout our childhood, teaching us the ways of the world, and is steadfast in its ability to keep us entertained when most other home appliances have gone the way of the obsolete.

Thank you, TV. To honor you for your sacrifices, we promise to watch the following shows this summer:


Based on the Marvel superhero of the same name, the Daredevil TV show is set in the Marvel universe, and is intended to be the first in a line of series that will lead to an Avengers/Defenders crossover. While the series diverts from the comic book’s plot, fans of the character are sure to find redemption from the 2004 film starring Ben Affleck, which was met mixed reviews.


Fans of Chandler Bing rejoice, because Matthew Perry is back on our sets with the story of two old friends who end up sharing the same apartment after getting kicked out by their wives. Thomas Lennon plays the obsessive compulsive, yoga practicing neurotic mess to Perry’s endearingly disheveled “work in progress” as the unlikely pair navigate what’s left of their lives as newly divorced men.

Odd Couple airs exclusively on RTL CBS Entertainment, Fridays at 9:55pm.


Fans of the Eddie Huang memoir can look forward to more laughs this year as the TV adaptation of his book has finally been released. The series showcases the struggles of an Asian-American family as they assimilate into the new culture to hilarious ends.


SNL fan favorite Will Forte is back with a show about waking up one day to find out that you’re the last surviving human being on Earth. Critics have lauded it as a breakout star despite its seemingly narrow premise, praising it for its humor, inventiveness and audacity. Even better news? The series was renewed just this April 2015 for a second season!


For those whose hearts are still broken from the finale of Breaking Bad, fret not! The monster series has released its spinoff featuring everyone’s favorite lawyer, Saul Goodman. The show follows Saul years before the events of Breaking Bad take place, lending a sort of origin story edge to it.


Loosely based on the comic book of the same name, iZombie is about a regular girl whose life turns on its head when she goes to a party and gets turned into a zombie. She begins to work with her local PD to be able to have access to brains, which she now needs to consume in order to survive.


There are only two things you need to know about this show, and it’s that Jay Baruchel, this generation’s Zach Braff, is the main character, and this trailer.


Armed with a positive attitude and the conviction to not be seen as a victim, Kimmy Schmidt moves to New York to start her life after being rescued from the Doomsday cult that held her for 15 years. Fans of witty, edgy, and brutally honest entertainment won’t be surprised to learn that Tina Fey is on board as co-creator and producer, and title character Kimmy, played by The Office’s Ellie Kemper, is as refreshing in this role as she is endearing.

Do you have any other series you’re planning to watch this summer? Let us know!


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