8 Times Nico Bolzico Had Fun at the Expense of Wifezilla

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8 Times Nico Bolzico Had Fun at the Expense of Wifezilla

And you thought SosBolz was funny.

| October 16, 2017

8 Times Nico Bolzico

had Fun at the Expense

of Wifezilla

By Kaira Guererro

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There will never be a dull moment with a person who loves to pull practical jokes on anybody. Model and actress Solenn Heussaff’s husband Nico Bolzico has been known to upload his #WifezillaSeries on Instagram every now and then and it has been a goldmine of laughter for fans. It’s a side of his and his wife that we would rarely see on television. Even though the pranks Nico pulls on Solenn irritates her most of the time, to the fans of the couple they’re the best things to ever happen on Instagram.

Thank you for making us laugh Nico! Here are 8 times the #SosBolz couple won Instagram.

The time Nico hid in the sofa

Last night bored waiting for Wifezilla Step by step (watch video before reading) 1- Call wife, ask at what time she will be home, tell her you will arrive 30 min later than her and mentioned you left an envelope w a document for her to read. 2- Expect her to be between 20 to 30 minutes late. 2- Dress like icecream man to blend. 3- Put some balls deodorand coz after 10 min you will sweat like a fake witness, remember “you are NOT at home” so no aircon 4- Turn off the lights, “you are NOT home” 5- make sure she is not holding any solid object that can turn into a weapon. 6- Apologize inmediatelly after her reaction. 7- Have a plan B in case point 6 doesnt work. 8- Buy confy pillows for the dog house. Note: this video was executed by professionals under a very controled enviroment, we do NOT reccomend you do this at home, wifezillas’ reactions are unpredictable and damages can be irreparables. #captioneffordlevelbatman #wifezillaseries #probablythelastprankofourmarriage #sorrynotsosorryIamactuallyverysorry #ripnico #prankchallenge

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This is the latest in the list of pranks Nico has pulled on Solenn whom he playfully calls as Wifezilla. In a carefully executed plan detailed on his Instagram post, Nico tells us what became of his boredom in waiting for his wife to get home. Instead of a regular husband who would probably just turn on the TV until his wife arrives, Nico decided to hide in their sofa and wait for Solenn.

He leaves a note for her to read so she would sit on the couch. He didn’t turn on the lights or the air conditioning to make it seem like the house is empty. That’s why he said he needed to apply “balls deodorant” to prevent any unwanted sweatiness. When Solenn sat on the couch to read the letter, Nico emerged from the pillows. Luckily for Nico, they were both laughing at the prank and Solenn only called him “annoying” and nothing more.


The time Nico filled the hair dryer with powder

This was one of the worst and the best pranks, we gotta admit. When Solenn turned the hair dryer on in their bathroom, aside from the hot air, powder also spewed out everywhere! Wifezilla had mixed reactions. She was laughing and then turning stern and then saying that she’s irritated with her husband. Nico’s Instagram caption said he was planning this for the longest time, and now that he’s done it, he’s regretting it.

This is why the next day he took the liberty to buy his pranked wife a bouquet, a balloon, pillows and stuffed toys. Too late Nico, you’ll be sleeping in the doghouse for a week!


The time Nico made Wifezilla a superhero cape

Solenn was upset and got into an argument with Nico over the weekend, and because Nico could get in a fight but at the same time stay as the upbeat prankster he is, he made his wife a cape. Why? Like the caption said, it’s so she would be SUPER angry now. What a scary super power to grant your wife!


The time Nico frightened Solenn

Solenn scares easily, even in broad daylight and this is what we found out from Nico’s Instagram post. Solenn was in their kitchen calmly waiting for her coffee when her husband snuck up on her and shouted a greeting. In her shock, she splashed hot water on him making him drop the camera. Even though the prank didn’t work in his favor, he still posted the video for everyone to see.