#NoChillPhilippines: Harry Styles Invades Manila

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#NoChillPhilippines: Harry Styles Invades Manila

Stylin’ Harry.

| May 3, 2018


Harry Styles Invades Manila

By Desiree Pore

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Ever since Harry Styles announced his solo career due to One Direction’s (on-going) hiatus, fans were on the lookout for his next endeavours. Then the singer released his album almost a year ago, which instantly signalled his forthcoming tour. Fortunately for Filipino carrots, Manila was included on his first world tour as a solo artist.

To say that Filipino fans were excited is an understatement, when in fact, they’ve been waiting for Harry to come back ever since his concert here with the rest of One Direction (sans Zayn) in 2015; so yeah, Filipino fans were thirsty af. We list down some of the important moments before and during Harry Styles’ Manila invasion.

OMG We’re Breathing the Same Air

Harry’s return to Manila was a long time coming for Pinoy fans, so the moment the plane carrying Harry landed on Philippine soil, Pinoys everywhere only had one thing in mind: “omg ang init protect Harry at all costs!”


Because Harry Needs To Chill

Because of the intense heat that Filipinos experience every damn day, Harry needed to chill. And what else will help him cool down than an ice cream?


Pinoy Fans Are Extra



No Harry? No Problem!

Moments before Harry appeared on stage, fans were buzzing when one of his songs began to play. MOA Arena instantly became a big jamboree.