Off the Beaten Path: Unusual Destinations on Your Usual Travel Spots

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Off the Beaten Path: Unusual Destinations on Your Usual Travel Spots

Go off the beaten path for a real adventure!

| June 8, 2017


GetGo Points Needed : 4,000+

Coron has been revered not only by locals but also by international tourists as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. If you haven’t been there, you’re missing out on a lot of IG-worthy photos!

Get complete rest and relaxation under the sun at Malcapuya Island — an untouched beach where you can only find pure white sand, clear blue waters, trees, chairs, and a handful of locals. Dive in Barracuda Lake, a freshwater lake with volcanic activity in the bottom. If you just want to go snorkeling, you’ll be in awe by the teeming marine life of Siete Pecados.

 When to Go: November, when the weather is cool and dry; or March when it’s the best time for sea travel

 What to Know: Don’t expect to find ATMs around the area so bring enough cash with you. Power outages are also likely to happen.



GetGo Points Needed : 5,000+

Weekend warriors, unite! Tablas is one of the top must-visits for tourists who love exploring the outdoors. Visit refreshing waterfalls and thrilling caves like Sig-Kop Cave, Mablaran Falls, Garing Falls, Mainit Falls, and Linao D Victo. Its beaches are rarely crowded as well, so take the time to bum around Aglicay Beach and Binucot Beach, as well as the lesser-known Puro Island and Saptos Beach. Tinagong Dagat, a saltwater lake, is also a sight to see.

 When to Go: November, when the weather is cool and dry; or March when it’s the best time for sea travel

 What to Know: ATMs can be found in Odiongan City, but bring enough cash just in case. Boracay is also just a 2-hour boat ride away — not for those who easily get seasick though.



GetGo Points Needed : 6,000+

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Forget all preconceived notions about Zamboanga because those hesitations are stopping you from having a possibly unforgettable trip of your lifetime.

This destination may not be at the forefront of the minds of tourists, but Zamboanga has its own share of breathtaking spots, such as Santa Cruz Island with its pink sand, Yakan Village where you can witness the skill and artistry of hardworking weavers, Canelar Barter Trade where you can test your haggling skills, the Instagrammable Merloquet Falls, and the beautiful Buluan Island Marine Sanctuary.

When to Go: January through March when the weather is most tolerable; October to witness the city’s line-up of events

 What to Know: Indulge in a seafood feast! Zamboanga City has much more delicacies to offer than just sardines.



GetGo Points Needed : 4,000+

In Masbate, you can’t help but get the feeling that you’ve been transported into an indie cowboy movie. This “Home of the Famous Rodeo” hides plenty of treasures, such as Buntod Reef Sanctuary and Sandbar, Pawa Mangrove Park, Tumalaytay Sandbar, and Sese Brahmans Ranch. And we’re not going to lie; watching real life Pinoy cowboys is nothing less than amusing!

 When to Go: During the summer season of March to May when weather is fair and there are only little rain showers

 What to Know: Masbate holds a number of festivals during the summer, including the well-known Rodeo Festival. Refrain from visiting the island between August to November to avoid getting caught in a tropical storm.


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