Okinawa in 8 Short Bursts of Adventure

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Okinawa in 8 Short Bursts of Adventure

In case the travel bug bites.

| January 4, 2017

Okinawa in 8 Short Bursts of Adventure

By Wincy Aquino Ong

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Are you like me who prefers the off-the-beaten path when it comes to travel?

If you’re heading to the Land of the Rising Sun, instead of the usual Tokyo and Osaka, why not try Okinawa? It’s stunning, all right: a blue-and-gold island paradise; Hawaii by way of Asia; the birthplace of karate, Godzilla, and Asahi beer.

And of course, there’s more to Okinawa than mythical dog sculptures and kitesurfing workshops! Here are 8 shots of Okinawan adventure that you’d be dumb to miss…

Taste longevity cuisine

Did you know? Okinawa holds the record for the most number of centenarians in a population.

Hey, it’s no small thanks to the lung-cleansing coastal air, and of course, the vegetation on offer. So if you’re on the islands, try the Okinawan Diet on for size—from sea grapes to stir-fry tofu to giant pineapple slices. Who knows? By doing so, maybe you could outlive Dracula himself.


Ride a Manza submarine boat

Now, you’ve really got to leave it to the Japanese when it comes to inventions. Why didn’t we think of that? A boat in which the bottom-half doubles as a submarine’s viewing deck!

The boat will take you through Okinawa’s dazzling coral reefs as schools of comic book-colored fish swim by. Trippy!


Wade in one of its many sandbars

In Tokyo, Osaka, and yes, Manila, high-rise buildings dominate the skyline. If you’re a city-dweller like me, I’m sure you’re someone who misses the horizon.

Well, when in Okinawa, horizons are aplenty. Every which way you turn is a polvoron-smooth shore or a gin-clear sea. Kick off your Nikes; let the foam caress your toes.


Buy some purple tarts

Okinawan pastries sure are weird! A lot of them are purple, as their ingredient of choice is purple taro. (But, yes, they’re a must-try if you’re a fan of ube.)

If you’re nursing a sweet tooth, drop by one of its many pastry shops. The one we went to was a factory outlet and through a glass window, you’d be privy to the conveyor belt operations of making these purple-colored goodies.