Old TV Shows That Scared The Sh*t Out of You

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Old TV Shows That Scared The Sh*t Out of You

Classic fright nights.

| October 27, 2016



Old TV Shows That Scared

The Sh*t Out of You

By Therese Aseoche

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Back then, you were either of two types of people: the ones that avoided watching horror television shows like the plague, or the ones that willingly frightened themselves for the entertainment. But it didn’t matter which one you were; as long as those TV shows were running, you couldn’t go to the bathroom on your own.

Which of these shows do you remember that amped up your praning level?

8. Are You Afraid of the Dark?


As a Nickelodeon kid, your heart would leap out of your chest the moment the iconic intro played and you’d scramble for the remote to either hit the mute button, or quickly change the channel (because no, you weren’t going to let some creepy show ruin your happy post-Nick Jr. mood). In retrospect, the show was probably an effort to teach kids lessons like “never talk to strangers,” or “be careful what you wish for,” but all it really did was freak us all out, and that makes it one of the most memorable horror TV shows from our youth.


7. MTV’s Fear


The mature equivalent of Are You Afraid of the Dark? was MTV’s Fear. Despite running for only two seasons, the show made its mark as “Scariest Reality TV Show Ever Made” for bringing in contestants to discover for themselves whether a supposedly haunted location truly was haunted or not. It was a show difficult to sit through, knowing all the recorded events were real. And you couldn’t blame the contestants for quitting halfway through the episode; if you were one of them, you know you would too.


6. Masters of Horror


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There was no shame in being terrified of watching Masters of Horror with the entire anthology being directed by renowned horror writers and filmmakers. It would seem like the purpose of the TV series was for these personalities to exercise their storytelling skills and celebrate the macabre genre, and they successfully did so at our expense. There is no way else to describe the show other than just legitimately scary.


5. American Horror Story


Although still an ongoing series, avid watchers of American Horror Story won’t ever forget the first few seasons that paved the way for the show’s success. It’s shocking, twisted, gory, and creepy, all packaged into one amazing show that has left all of us traumatized yet hooked.