One Hit Wonders of the 90s

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One Hit Wonders of the 90s

Baby don’t hurt me.

| February 12, 2017

One Hit Wonders

of the 90s

By Mike Diez

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Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like wearing those elephant pants once again. Some days I’m really tempted to rock those babies once more, put a chain on my wallet, step into my Superstars and walk the street in my Oakleys. Alas, better judgement would always prevail. And although I have fond memories of these getup, I know that, with the exception of Superstars (and arguably Oakley), these horrid fashion relic would never again see the light of day.

Aside from truly laughable wardrobe, the 90s has also seen its share of incredible one-hit wonders. Incredible in the sense that these songs were inescapable then; jeez, were they ever. Stars were built to last back then, unlike these days when even talentless hacks can have their share of the limelight.

Here is a list of some 90s one-hit wonders to jam to as you debate in your head whether those elephant pants need to see the light of day. Unlike those pants, these songs are actually not bad.

OMC – How Bizarre


Released in 1995, this rap-mariachi hybrid made millionaires out of OMC band members. As old tales of new-found fame and ill-advised financial management go, internal squabble did the group in. Vocalist Paul Fuemana embarked on a solo career soon after. He was not able to release even one album since. He died in 2010, leaving behind this incredibly catchy tune as his legacy to the world.


Lou Bega – Mambo #5


“Ladies and gentlemen…” with that recognizable intro, Lou Bega was able to turn this 1940’s classic all his own. It was the tail end of the 90s, and “Mambo Number 5” ushered in the turn of the century with a little bit of Monica, a little bit of Erica, a little bit of Rita, a little bit of Tina, Sandra, Mary and Jessica. Bega must have burned himself out afterwards, as he was not able to have another hit after this fling with the charts.


House of Pain – Jump Around


This song was the party anthem of 1992. To this day, the song is instantly recognizable. You can still catch the tune being played in sports arenas. Frontman Everlast became a one-hit wonder himself when upon disbanding the group he found his own 15-minute of fame with the hit song “What It’s Like” in 1998.


Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight


Mention Eagle Eye Cherry, and “Save Tonight” will surely come up. It’s the only hit he’s ever had. Discerning music fans would know that he’s the half-brother of Neneh Cherry (who herself was a big name in the 90s). Even more discerning fans would know that Eagle Eye Cherry is his real name. What a hoot. Or maybe his parents were, hence the name.