OPM Rock Bands that Need to Make a Comeback

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OPM Rock Bands that Need to Make a Comeback

Rock on, young savior.

| September 11, 2017

OPM Rock Bands

that Need to Make a Comeback

By Therese Aseoche

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We owe the vibrant, fully supported, and diversified local music scene we have today to the OPM greats — the superstars whose names everyone throughout the country knows of, whose songs have been the soundtrack of our youth, and whose performances we still get out of our own ways to see at huge college fairs and music festivals.

Most of these bands have remained silent through the recent years, but we remain hopeful that one day they’d surprise us with a comeback album that will bring out the rakista within us once again.

Here are 8 of such bands we’re all hoping to hear from once again.


Last album: This is Not a Chicosci Record (2012)

It’s been 5 years since this 5-piece emo-hard-rock-punk-rock band fed its loyal fans with electrifying music, but their recent single release proves us (and their haters) that they’re still alive and kicking.

Released in August 2017, “Buzzin’” has the familiar vibe and tune as “What’s Your Poison” off of their 2009 album Fly Black Hearts. So while it hasn’t been made clear yet when their comeback album will be released, we can be sure that we won’t be hearing any drastic changes to Chicosci’s sound — it will just be a lot better than before!



Last album: Debris (2015)

After hearing them cover BP Valenzuela’s “Even If You Asked Me” for Coke Studio and turn it into something that sounded like it was completely their own, how could one not miss listening to Sandwich?

They’ve remained active in the local music scene, playing gigs throughout the Metro and most recently at the International Silent Film Festival Manila, so the wait for the next album isn’t as painful an experience as waiting for a band on hiatus to return. That doesn’t mean we’re not clamoring for a comeback though.



Last album: After All This Time (2013)

Itchyworms has also remained active in the local music scene, appearing in gigs and music festivals from time to time. Still, we miss hearing their fun tracks on the radio and would love to see them return with a brand new album and all-new songs to sing in karaoke bars. For now, we’ll be listening to their latest collaboration with Ely Buendia, “Lutang,” on repeat!



Last album: Romantico (2012)

It’s been more than two years since Kamikazee announced their indefinite hiatus (and a little under two years since their farewell concert). But their rakista fans have been made to wait long enough — now, they’re coming back this December with an all-new single as announced in front man Jay Contreras’ Instagram account:

There are no other details yet, but we can hardly wait for their much-awaited return!