OPM Rock Bands that Need to Make a Comeback

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OPM Rock Bands that Need to Make a Comeback

Rock on, young savior.

| September 11, 2017


Last album: Good by Sunday (2012)

After their last album which fans had not been so thrilled by due to obvious differences in music style following vocalist Ney Dimaculangan’s departure, 6cyclemind has rarely been seen or heard around the local music scene. However, earlier this year they released a single in collaboration with Karla Estrada entitled “Di Na Atin” which, while still miles away from the sound long-time fans have been accustomed to, is a product of hard work and passion.


Orange and Lemons

Last album: Moonlane Gardens (2007)

Ten years since their disbandment, Orange and Lemons shocked everyone who’s ever loved them for their hits “Hanggang Kailan,” and “Heaven Knows” with a sudden decision to reform the band. In an interview with Esquire, the band is hoping to record new songs soon which fans can expect to be along the same lines of their debut album in 2003. And their reunion can only mean one thing: new love songs to serenade your special someone with!



Last album: Kapit (2014)

Since long-time vocalist Aia De Leon left the band, Imago had only released one album with new member Mayumi Gomez. Fans were treated to the same Imago-branded sound and gave their full support to the new dynamic. Sadly, there’s no word yet regarding the future return of one of the greatest woman-fronted bands locally.



Last album: Greetings From Callalily (2015)

Kean Cipriano has kept his presence in the minds of Filipinos through his stints in local films like “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank”, “The Reunion”, and “English Only Please.” But that isn’t to say that Callalily had been left alone in the dark through the past two years — in fact, they released a single and a music video just this year entitled “Miles Away.”

Callalily is such a tease, releasing this beautiful somber-sounding track without any word on a future album. I speak on behalf of Callalily fans everywhere: we want more!


Who else are you waiting for to make a comeback soon? Share with us your thoughts below!